This course is designed to help beginning gardeners get started and successfully grow flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Designed by a master gardener in the Keweenaw Peninsula, the material covers the following topics:

  • Determining your gardening style

  • Gardening in a cold climate including identifying the growing zone, understanding the frost free season, and characterizing potential micro-climates.

  • Selecting your garden location through site assessment and establishing garden beds

  • Working with garden soils, soil testing, and interpreting the test results

  • Planting your garden from seed


Debweyendan (“Believe in It”) Indigenous Gardens (digs)

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) has been awarded funds to promote intergenerational learning and access to healthy foods and medicines through the Debweyendan (“believe in it”) Indigenous Gardens (DIGs) initiative. DIGs aims to promote food sovereignty, strengthen well-being and cultural identity, and sustain knowledge for future generations. Throughout the 2019 summer and fall harvesting seasons, the Natural Resources Department will provide a gardening and harvesting workshop series.

Each workshop will be facilitated by knowledge holders who will share their expertise, skills, and Ojibwa teachings on respectful plant and forest relations. Specific food and medicines of the workshops will be dependent on our local/ regional teachers, input by the KBIC Traditional Clinic, and our seasonal landscape and garden productivity (e.g., temperature, precipitation, pests, and climate).

For more information about the workshops please subscribe to our email list, check out the calendar for workshops dates, or use the contact form to be connected to a specific project.


Gardens in the Western Upper Peninsula

School Gardens

  • E.B. Holman School, Stanton Township

  • Sacred Heart, L’Anse

  • Barkell Elementary, Hancock (temporarily disabled - building site)

  • Copper County ISD Learning Center

  • CLK Elementary School (temporarily disabled - building site)

  • TR Davis Elementary, Dollar Bay

  • Houghton Elementary, Houghton

  • Luther L. Wright High School, Ironwood

  • Washington Elementary School, Bessemer

University Gardens

  • Michigan Tech University - Daniell Heights Residential

  • Michigan Tech University - Wadsworth Hall

Church Gardens

Community Gardens

  • DIGs, L’Anse

  • Ryan St., Hancock

  • Pewabic St., Houghton

  • Crystal Falls

  • Fort Wilkins Gardens, Copper Harbor

Garden Organizations